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The apparent elimination half-life of combantrin albendazole sulfoxide was comparable between combantrin albendazole chewable tablets and combantrin albendazole tablets when both were given either under fed or fasted conditions.

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Th ollowing advs actions hav bn idntiid duing post-appoval us ALBNZA. Bcaus ths actions a potd voluntaily om a population unctain siz, it is not always possibl tliably stimat thi quncy stablish a causal lationship tdug xposu.

ALBNZA is indicatd th tatmnt cystic hydatid disas th liv, lung, and pitonum, causd by th laval om th dog tapwom, chinococcus ganulosus.

ALBNZA should not b usd in pgnant womn xcpt in clinical cicumstancs wh naltnativ managmnt is appopiat. Obtain pgnancy tst pitpscibing ALBNZA twomn poductiv potntial. Advis womn poductiv potntial tus ctiv bith contol th duation ALBNZA thapy and on month at nd thapy. I a patint bcoms pgnant whil taking this dug, ALBNZA should b discontinud immdiatly. I pgnancy occus whil taking this dug, th patint should b appisd th potntial hazad tth tus.

Bastding: Avoid. This mdication is passd though bast milk and may act you baby advsly. Consult you doctbus.

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