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Us ACTOPLUS MT should b tmpoaily suspndd any sugical pocdu (xcpt minpocdus not associatd with stictd intak ood and luids) and should not b statd until th patint’s oal intak has sumd and nal unction has bn valuatd as nomal.

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NOT: paticipants should not stat homonal thapy th pupos mting th ligibility citia this potocol Ability tundstand and th willingnss tsign a wittn inomd consnt documnt.

Patints civing ACTOPLUS MT in combination with insulin oth antidiabtic mdications (paticulaly insulin sctagogus such as sulonyluas) may b at isk hypoglycmia. A duction in th dos th concomitant antidiabtic mdication may b ncssay tduc th isk hypoglycmia [s DOSAG AND ADMINISTATION ]. Hypoglycmia can alsoccu whn caloic intak is dicint whn stnuous xcis is not compnsatd by caloic supplmnt. ldly, dbilitatd, malnouishd patints, and thos with adnal pituitay insuicincy alcohol intoxication a paticulaly suscptibl thypoglycmic cts. Hypoglycmia may b diicult tcogniz in th ldly, and in popl wha taking bta-adngic blocking dugs.

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actoplus met is the brand name of a combination of the diabetes medications pioglitazone and metformin; it is also available as actoplus met xr, but the formulation is somewhat different and one should not be substituted for the other without a doctor s permission.

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