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Whereas a very small percentage of the population is allergic to milk, it is estimated that 70 of the world s population has trouble digesting lactose , so lactose accounts for the vast majority of milk-related digestive problems.

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Actos is not intndd ttat Typ 1 diabts diabtic ktoacidosis. Th dug can b usd alon with oth Typ 2 diabts mdicins such as mtomin. Th a twadditional typs Actos that combin pioglitazon and mtomin: Actoplus Mt and Actoplus Mt X (xtndd las).

Actos (pioglitazon) is an oal Typ 2 diabts dug that lows blood suga by dcasing insulin sistanc and ducing th amount glucos mad in th liv. This allows th body tbtt dispos xcss blood suga.

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duetact combines actos pioglitazone hcl and glimepiride, two widely used diabetes medications with complementary actions, in a single tablet.

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